Monday, October 09, 2006

Brace Yourself for the 9/11 Truth Cult!

If you know that "perps" is the word for "perpetrators" you're IN!   Get an inside view of  the life of a 9/11 Truth activist in NYC on the much
loved "Truth For a Change" Public Access TV show by Joe Friendly, an alternative
media producer for over 35 years. Thanks to Manhattan Neighborhood Network we can
see Peggy Carter share her experiences leafleting for 9/11 Truth. Of particular
interest is how she approaches the inevitable responsibility of changing the minds
and hearts affected by the giant psychological warfare mechanisms playing on us
at all times.

Peggy points out:

"If they are so incompetent why are they getting everything they want?"

"When the prime suspects are the ones who claim they know who did it within
several hours and yet no one has been actually proven to have done it you know something
is terribly wrong."

"In a moment of time everything can shift".
We have to understand the situation or we can't make this change.


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